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  Hongyul Yoon

  email : hongyul@trizcenter.co.kr / otsmtriz@hanmail.net / +82 - 10 - 2288 - 2746


TRIZ Master (level 5) certified by MATRIZ(International TRIZ Association)(No.96)
OTSM Professional (level 4) certified by Nikolai Khomenko(No.1)
TRIZ Specialist (level 4) certified by MATRIZ(International TRIZ Association)(No.63)
Global Coordinator of ETRIA (European TRIZ Association)
Innovation Master certified by Invention Machine Inc.
First study on TRIZ in 1996
Inventor of over 30 patents including USP(3), EP(1), and JP(2)
Part-time professor of Korea Polytechnic University (2002)
About 10 year-experience in design of home appliances for LG Electronics  

TRIZ Training / Problem Solving Coaching

- TRIZ Training

Samsung, LG, Hyundai, POSCO, HCC, RIST,
KIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office), Seoul National Univ., etc

- Design around &
- patent generation

POSCO, Hyundai Motors, KIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office), HCC

- Semiconductor &
- chemical/biological
- innovation

Hynix Semiconductor, LG Chem, LG Care, Amore Pacific

- Automobile device
- innovation

Hyundai Motors, HCC, Hyundai Mobis

- Electrical/electronic
- device innovation


- Mechanical/steel
- industries

POSCO, Hyundai Motors, HCC, RIST

- Biz TRIZ, New market
- creation

SKT, IIIT, LGE, KT, Hyundai Capital

Papers on TRIZ


"TRIZ Application to Noise Reduction of Home Appliances", AQS 2001, Daejeon, Korea
"How to Find and Formulate Contradictions out of the Initial Problem Situation", ETRIA Conference 2002, France
"Computer-Aided Problem Solving according to Full Scheme Model of OTSM-TRIZ", Europe TRIZ CON 2003, Swiss
"Full Scheme Thinking and Feature Transfer for Creation of Blue Ocean", TRIZ Journal, 2006 etc.