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Nikolai Khomenko




TRIZ Master certified by G. Altshuller,
Professor of INSA Strasbourg University
(Institute National des Science Appliqués de Strasbourg),
Member of Innovative Process at European Institute of Energy Research

* Nikolai Khomenko passed away on 27th of March in 2011


- certified as a ‘TRIZ Master’ by TRIZ founder G. Altshuller
- leader of international educational project - Jonathan Livingston (JL-Project)
- participated in TRIZ founder G. Altshuller’s TRIZ Seminar (1984~)
- leader of Minsk TRIZ-school (1985~)
- ‘Invited Consultant’ for LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics
- consulting for European companies like Peugeot Citroen etc.
- research and development of TRIZ, OTSM-TRIZ, and Problem Flow Network
- Approach
- developed ‘Nonlinear Educational Technology’ for efficient training of
- developed and has been running ‘Advanced Master of Innovative Design’
- (MD course) in INSA Strasbourg University