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TRIZ doesn’t have any kinds of ‘amazing, fantastic' experimental/experience-based knowledge which can replace current sciences of humankind. TRIZ is a theory on the ‘wisdom’, how to use ‘more effectively and efficiently’ knowledge of current sciences.




TRIZ is not a system of patent use for collecting and searching patents. TRIZ is like a ‘thinking way’ data base for problem solving. Even though some software for patent application is relevant to TRIZ, that is just one of results of TRIZ application, not TRIZ itself.



40 inventive principles belong to the tool set of TRIZ. Someone introduces TRIZ as just 40 inventive principles. Others say the core of TRIZ is 40 inventive principles. Both are completely wrong. Mastering 40 inventive principles is just a part of TRIZ application capability.



Not any problem disappears automatically as soon as TRIZ is applied. TRIZ is not something mysterious.
Only if you research and study information/knowledge while following the systematic thinking process of TRIZ, you can get solution concepts more effectively and efficiently and overcome contradictions which have seemed to defy our capability.