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TRIZ is to overcome the deficiency of ‘trial and error’ method.
The working principle of TRIZ as a systematic solving process can be presented as the picture below.


Therefore, TRIZ application is a thinking process as follows ;

  1. to transform the given description of the problem (situation) into the abstract expression containing the essence of it (abstraction of the problem)
  2. to identify the general solution models by using general problem models which result from the abstracted problem model (Identification of general problem and solution models)
  3. to analogize the practical solution concepts out of the general solution models for implementation (analogy for implementation)

    Classical TRIZ is composed of ARIZ, problem and solution models etc. suggested by Altshuller. Thanks to the thinking ways of classical TRIZ, modern TRIZ is being developed begetting problem and solution models for various fields. The methods of abstraction and analogy are on the track of a general theory for solutions to all kinds of problems.