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2016 - Patent Design-around Project Coaching: Hyundai Mobis

< 2016 - Patent Design-around Project Coaching: Hyundai Mobis >

* From March 8th to November 11th in 2016, 

  the projects for patent circumvention have been successfully done for Hyundai Mobis.

  Hongyul Yoon, CEO of TRIZ Center, has been coaching patent circumvention 

  according to OTSM-based TRIZ.

  Totally 5 target patents which are about a projector-type headlamp,

  a brake pad, a motion damping structure, an airbag module, and a light reflector, respectively.

  OTSM - based approach to design around those patents begot 6 new original patents owned by Hyundai Mobis. 

  The main steps of OTSM - based Design-around are as the following:  

  - ENV Analysis of Independent Claims of Each Target Patent

  - Identification of the Total Claim-Zone of Target Patents

  - Ideal Way Application & Problem Flow Technology of OTSM

  We deeply appreciate the enthusiasm and activities of engineers and researchers 

  of Hyundai Mobis(one member of Hyundai Motors Group)

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