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OTSM-based TRIZ for Business - Ideation with OTSM for New Market Creation

 Hongyul Yoon, CEO of TRIZ Center, presented at 'Korea TRIZ Conference 2011'in March, 2011,

 'Ideation with OTSM-based TRIZ for New Market Creation'

 which is a process to get ideas on new industires for new market creation.

 Hongyul Yoon has developed this theme more than 5 years since 2005.

 The process explained in this presentation is the part of the training of 'TRIZ for Business' of TRIZ Center.

 TRIZ Center has been applying the process to real problem solving 
 with its clients to result in effective solution ideas in business field.

 TRIZ Center deeply appreciates its clients' love for these effects. 

 * Please refer to the attached file

File : New Market Idea Generation - Hongyul Yoon TRIZ Center.pdf