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OTSM - TRIZ of Nikolai Khomenko (materials on OTSM)

To everyone who is interested in creative thinking, TRIZ and education on creativtiy,

We are very happy to inform you all that the following site is 
to the memory of Nikolai Khomenko and his works on OTSM(General Theory of Powerful Thinking).

Please click the following link to visit the site.

   *** OTSM - TRIZ of Nikolai Khomenko ***

Nikolai Khomenko, who was, is and will be our teacher forever about OTSM,
developed OTSM after G.Altshuller who originated TRIZ and OTSM. 

 Regretfully, Nikolai Khomenko passed away last year. 
 From the site, you can find what Nikolai Khomenko did 
 and enjoy his creative and beneficial papers. 

 Hongyul Yoon would like to ask you to remember Nikolai Khomenko 
 when you get any help from his works 
 because his insightful concepts and models came from his own sweats and pains.

 He taught Hongyul Yoon, CEO of TRIZ Center about the spirit of OTSM and TRIZ 
 and what TRIZ Cener offers about TRIZ and OTSM was derived from his ideas.

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