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  1. For whom : Any members of your organization

  2. Goal :

(1) To understand the ABC of how to treat all kinds of problems in one’s life
(2) To understand how to describe problems effectively
(3) To understand how to examine the causality of a problem situation
(4) To understand how to eliminate contradictions

  3. Course (2 days)




Problem Identification

General models of ‘Problem’

2 hr

Problem Situation Diagnosis

How to arrange a lot of problems

1 hr

Problem Description

Definition & use of ENV model

1 hr

Multi-Screen Thinking

Meaningful diversification of viewpoint

4 hr

Cause Assumption

Cause categorization method

2 hr


Contradiction elimination method

4 hr

Solution Evaluation

Musts & wants classification

1 hr

Potential Problem Analysis

Failure research

1 hr