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OTSM Development : Occasion Axis - For selection of the proper TRIZ thinking tools

This paper was first presented at the "Global TRIZ Conference 2013" hosted by KATA in Seoul, South Korea.

 'Occasion Axis' is a novel thinking tool developed by Hongyul Yoon.

 'Occasion Axis' is the analytic method to get the overall view of the problem situation,
 the precise information on 'Operation Time' and 'Operation Zone' which are one of the core notions of ARIZ,
 and the guide to select the proper thinking tools of modern TRIZ including analytic and ideation ones.

 We believe 'Occasion Axis' is very helpful to those who want to use modern TRIZ tools skillfully and effectively. 

 Keywords: OTSM; TRIZ; Occasion Axis; Multi Screen Thinking 

File : Hongyul Yoon (TRIZ Center) - Occasion Axis to select proper TRIZ tools.pdf