Problem Solving Facilitation


Concept Generation of System/ Process Innovation


Concept Generation of New Products /Services


TRIZ Application with Patents as Information




Basic Course of Problem Solving


TRIZ Training


Creative Imagination Training


Training for Idea Generation of New Products/Services


TRIZ Application Course for Use of Patents

2016 - Patent Design-around Project Coaching: Hyundai Mobis

OTSM Application to a New Process Design for Target Element Particle Production

2016 - OTSM Training for Cost Reduction - Hyundai Mobis


OTSM Development : Occasion Axis - For selection of the proper TRIZ thinking tools

OTSM - TRIZ of Nikolai Khomenko (materials on OTSM)

OTSM-based TRIZ for Business - Ideation with OTSM for New Market Creation