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  1. For whom : Those who are interested in new concept products and services

  2. Goal :

(1) To get ideas of products / services of new functions
(2) To understand fundamental thinking ways of TRIZ for idea generation
(3) To understand how to identify functions of products/services with TRIZ

  3. Course (4 days)




Identification of Product/Service

Blue Ocean, experience & function

2 hr

Psychological Inertia

Causes & effects of psychological inertia

2 hr

Multi-Screen Thinking

How to describe something

4 hr

Creative Imagination

Creative imagination tools of TRIZ

8 hr


Contradiction elimination method

4 hr

System Evolution Trends

Fundamental ideas of trends

4 hr

Feature Transfer

Alternative system use

4 hr

Ideal Final Result

How to increase ideality

2 hr

Idea Evaluation

Product/service idea evaluation

2 hr