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  1. For whom : R&D Researcher, Engineer, Patent Officer, etc

  2. Goal :

(1) To get design around patents conceptually
(2) To get basic patents conceptually from your own patents
(3) To understand how to use patents as information effectively

  3. Course (4 days)




Problem Theory & TRIZ Overview

Problem model, history of TRIZ

4 hr

Function Analysis

Function concept for system analysis

4 hr

Resource Analysis

Resource classification, application

1 hr


How to describe models with multi-screen thinking

3 hr


Contradiction elimination method

6 hr

Ideal Final Result

How to increase ideality

4 hr

System Evolution Trends

Fundamental ideas of trends

2 hr

Design Around

How to generate ideas for design around

3 hr

Patent Information Application

How to use patents as information

5 hr